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Blue Sub 15

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Quick Overview

The BlueSub 15 is perfect for your home waste water treatment system in applications where above-surface irrigation is being used. With a 10 meter head, this pump is all backed by a 2 year manufactures warranty.
The BlueSub series has been specifically designed for the household aerated waste water treatment system. They have been designed for high head applications and the pump is particularly suited for applications using above-surface irrigation. Most comparable pumps have a maximum head capability of 11m. This means that they operate towards the top of their curve under normal operating conditions causing a reduction in the pumps service life. The BlueSub 15 , at a 10m head is at the center of its curve and still produces 80L/pm.
  • Designed for above surface irrigation applications
  • 10 meter head
  • Power absorbed – 750 watt
  • 2 Year Warranty