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Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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Quick Overview

Code: SIECDO601K
The dissolved oxygen meter is an easy to use meter, that features easy calibration and auto power off functions. It comes with an all-weather case and a three year warranty and requires minimal maintenance.
This compact, easy to use meter measures dissolved oxygen in household waste water treatment systems and features % saturation or concentration modes, pressure and salinity compensation, easy calibration and customization, a full 3 year warranty on manufactured components (6 months on electrodes), and its own rugged, all weather carrying case. The 12mm galvanic electrode with built in temperature sensor allows instantaneous measurements without waiting for the probe to be polarized.
  • User customization for user’s flexibility like toggling of various modes
  • Easy Calibration
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Auto power off saves battery
  • Large LCD screen for easy reading