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Septic Tank Outlet Junction Filter

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Quick Overview

Code: RN000997

The septic tank outlet junction filter is designed to enhance the performance of both wastewater treatment systems and septic systems. The Filter is easy to use and is simply placed in the outlet junction of the primary / septic tank and restricts the discharge of gross solids.

The septic tank outlet junction filter is injection moulded ABS making it extremely tough and durable. The filter has been designed to fit the Reln Septic Tanks / AlphaTreat Wastewater Treatment Systems and the commonly used 100mm DWV pipe junction.

  • Fits Reln Septic Tanks / AlphaTreat Systems / industry standard 100mm DWV pipe junctions.
  • Improves the performance of wastewater / septic systems.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing systems.
  • Long handle to make cleaning easier.
  • Tough and durable.