Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Ecowater Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plants - designed to meet specific site requirements

Ecowater have the expertise to design and construct for your site, a robust reliable wastewater treatment recycling system. We would usually ask you to fill in a simple form describing such things as number of persons on site, type of operation from which the wastewater is generated etc and using this information tailor a system to suit.

We have successfully built and installed treatment units in projects ranging from tea rooms to major tourist ventures, construction camps, schools etc

Our treatment systems are constructed in our Brisbane factory using either concrete or polymer tanks. All fittings are either marine grade stainless steel or polymer for reliability and the systems use quality pumps and electrics with extensive warranties. We have field experience in difficult site installations and over 20 years general system servicing history.

Please call us to discuss your wastewater treatment requirements, if necessary we will meet you on site to firmly establish conditions of use and determine your project needs.